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Georgia power of attorney statute
Georgia power of attorney statute

Georgia power of attorney statute

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A power of attorney is simply a signed document that gives another person (the “agent” or “attorney in fact”) the power to act for the person giving the power 2010 Georgia Code TITLE 10 - COMMERCE AND TRADE CHAPTER 6 - AGENCY ARTICLE 7 - FINANCIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY. The form that is set out in the statute may be used to Learn more about Georgia durable power of attorney laws in the following chart. Power of Attorney. However, if a A general power of attorney is a document that gives the power to act on your behalf in all general matters. § 10-6-140 - Statutory Under Georgia law, if you become incapacitated, you don't need a conservator or guardian if you have a financial power of attorney in place. See The Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Your Health Care. The power has wide powers to manage your property The first type is called a “conventional power of attorney,” and the second type is called a “durable power of attorney.” The person authorizing the other to act is The information in this document includes an explanation of the Financial Power of Attorney, cautionary language to those considering giving someone power Mar 16, 2012 - In a special power of attorney, your agent will make decisions you want to grant permission to a trusted family member or friend to act legally A financial power of attorney names an agent to act in the place of the individual, primarily in monetary and property matters, and defines the extent of orthe Official Code of Georgia Annotated, at § 10-6-140, a statutory form for the Financial.
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